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Hawaii Surfing Seasons:
When is the Best Time to Surf?

Surf Seasons in Hawaii:

When is the best time to go? That answer depends on what kind of a surfer you are, but you can usually luck into some kind of a swell pretty much the entire year.

Winter (november-march)- Large North, West and NW swells common on the North Shore - Swell hights usually in the large category, 6-12 feet, with bigger swells pushing 25-25 feet at times. This is when the North and West side come to life.

Spring: One of the best times to surf, especially on the North Shore. The visiting pros have all left town, and there are still waves, although not quite as big as the winter.

Summer - (may-september) This is when the South swells are more common, and the South and East side become the center of surfing. Sometimes in summer you begin to depend on Sandy's because there is always wind swell.

Water Temperatures

Hawaiian waters are inviting year-round, averaging 74 degrees F (23 C) and reaching close to 80 degrees F (26 C) in the summer months.

The thickest wetsuit worn in Hawaii is a springsuit.

Current Hawaii Water Temps from NOAA


John Severson: "In this crowded world the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts."

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