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Surfing Waikiki Beach

Right in front of the Duke's statue, in front of all the tall buildings and concrete is beautiful Waikiki Beach. This is were surfing has it's ancestral roots, the Hawaiian Kings used to surf here, and it's easy to see why: It's a pleasure to surf here. There are actually several different spots.

Canoes is the wide, rolling peak in front of all the Beach Boys and girls renting boards and giving surf lessons. This is one of the best places in the world to learn to surf because the waves are so gentle and rolling. It's very easy to push someone on a longboard into a 1 foot wave, the perfect beginner's spot.


The beach scene right in front of Canoes, Waikiki Beach.

Queen's is a nice easy right with a perfect wall, and a short mushy left.

At Waikiki it's also fun just to go out there and relax, the waves are so easy, and everyone is surfing. There is a out of control crowd, and more often than not you while surfing here you will find a dead scratch beginner kicking his longboard out perpendicularly to the wave right in front of you.

It's great fun to watch the outrigger canoes filled with tourists go straight through the crowd, mowing down boards and bodies left and right.

If you want to learn to surf, The beach has plenty of surf schools, the beach boys are expert teachers. They pride themselves in being able to teach almost anyone to surf, including your grandparents.


John Severson: "In this crowded world the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with the surf and his thoughts."

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